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Passing the responsibility and workload of managing your information technology to us, Infocare gives you peace of mind. With our IT managed services, you will free up extra time to work on profit-generating projects that drive your business forward.

Power Your Business with
Infocare Managed IT Services

Our managed IT services scale to meet the needs of your growing business. Our end-to-end IT management services include expert-level strategic consulting, on-site or remote IT management services, 24×7 remote help desk support, Cloud-based tools and technologies, and Information security solutions. 

The Advantages of Using a IT Managed Service Provider:

Cost Effectiveness





High Quality Service

We Provide

If you need different kinds of managed services for your business, you’re in luck. There are different types of Manged IT offerings Infocare provide to meet your needs. If you have multiple needs for your business’s IT network, we can also work with you to come up with a personalized plan.

IT Outsourcing – Full Time

Our IT Outsourcing Services combine the advantages of having staff based within your organisation. Our services include a central help desk, remote monitoring and management of core IT infrastructure, and technical escalation points to augment the on-site staff and assist with any complex issues.

On-call Managed IT Service

For businesses who do not require a permanent on-site IT service team, we can provide a On-call / Remote Managed IT Service. This service offers the features and benefits of our Fully Managed Service, without dedicated on-site staff. Our help desk provides support directly to users.

Hybrid IT Service Packs

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and are happy to provide a tailored Managed Service for your individual and unique requirements. We can design a hybrid managed IT service to wrap around your existing team providing additional layers of service.

Infocare Managed IT Services Suite

Infocare can handle all daily monitoring and management and/or long-term optimization and evolution of your IT infrastructure components. We take care of the entire IT infrastructure as a whole or any of its specific parts.

IT Help Desk

Get technical assistance from our remote help desk team whenever needed and keep your employees and business operations running efficiently. 24/7/365 availability.
Services Include
  • Account Management
  • Incident Management 
  • Service Catalog
  • Technician Auto Assign
  • Integrated Remote Control
  • IT Project Management
  • MSP Business Dashboard 
  • Time Sheet 
  • Field Service Management


We focus on the simplicity of the IT infrastructure and provide the most suitable solutions to meet your business needs, considering the innovation, risks and costs.

Services Include
  • Servers and Virtual Machine management
  • Storage and Converged Infrastructure
  • Data Centre Management
  • Disaster Recovery 
  • Networks, Wi-Fi, Routers and Firewall management
  • End Point Security


With Infocare’s Services, we can transform and modernize your infrastructure adoption for security.

Services Include
  • SIEM
  • Firewall
  • VPN
  • Penetration testing
  • Anti-virus/malware
  • Email filtering
  • Content filtering
  • Security awareness training
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Incident response

Technology Design

We not only create IT infrastructure and integrated technology designs for you, but also implement the plan and build your equipment rooms to support your buildings and business.

Services Include
  • Designing technology solutions to enable your workplace and staff to thrive
  • Smart technology solutions for office space management, meeting rooms and access controls
  • Audio visual and teleconferencing solutions to deliver an outstanding experience to your staff and clients

Why Choose Infocare

Inforcare’s Managed IT Services cover administration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization of IT infrastructures in any size of corporate. Offering IT managed services since 2006, Infocare helps companies keep their IT infrastructures fully operable, reliable, and cost-efficient.

  • Over 20 years of experience in China’s IT industry. 
  • A “Big Picture” Thinker, deep understanding of the complete business technologies, covering the architect levels of enterprise, software and infrastructure. 
  • Robust IT lifecycle built with strong knowledge base and best practices in Architecture Development Methodology for Information Technology (ADMIT) and  ITIL principles.
  • An expert team holding a range of certificates, which cover ITIL, PMP, CISSP, Agile, DevOps, Microsoft, Cisco/Meraki, Huawei, Sangfor, Sophos, Extreme, Riverbed…etc.
  • Customized approach to each customer with consideration to their industry specificity, business model, risk and cost management. 
  • Mature quality standards confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification allowing to implement projects fully meeting customer’s quality, time and budget expectations. 
  • Assured safety of the customers’ data we access during the cooperation proved by ISO 27001 certificate. 

7×24 Hours Service Available.


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