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Deliver the future to your workspace through IoT

What is Smarter Space?


Boost employee comfort—and productivity—with a smarter office space:

  • Improve network cabling
  • Security and monitoring
  • Access security management
  • Temperature and humidity management
  • Telephone System


Make sure only approved persons access secure spaces—when they’re supposed to be accessing them.

  • Entrance guard
  • Face recognition
  • Behavior analysis
  • Intelligent alarm
  • Asset management


Optimize spaces where employees, customers, guests, and students come together.

  • Behavior analysis
  • Multimedia device management
  • Bulletin board system
  • Public wireless network
  • Security monitoring in public places

We Provide

Network Cabling

Security Surveillance

AV & Multimedia

Access Management

Smart Conference Room

Telephone System

Smart Air Conditioning

Face Recognition

Smart Buildings (IoT)

Consulting on Smart Building projects for our clients brings together all of our core skills and understanding of how a building can respond and service the needs of the people who work within it. Our experience in understanding complex business challenges and delivering simple to use solutions, allows us to develop and evolve how the relationship between the building and the people within it can be optimised, providing a better daily working experience and tangible benefits to the business.

Lower emissions, increased efficiency.

Reduce your carbon footprint while saving on operating expenses.

  • The data center is still the technology hub for many organizations, however it is one of the highest energy consumers within a business.
  • Reduce your power consumption and carbon footprint and meet environmental and safety standards.
  • Elevate your IT experience and promote sustainability with intuitive Meraki technologies.

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Discover how advanced your buildings can become.

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