With Infocare’s services, we can transform and modernize your infrastructure adoption for security.

We Can Help

We provide security products to deliver industry-leading enterprise security for any edge at any scale with full visibility and threat protection. Organizations can weave security deep into the hybrid IT architecture and build security-driven networks to achieve:

  • Integrated Security Defense
  • Ultra-fast Security, Rapid Response
  • Real-time Defense With Security Services
  • Excellent User Experience 
  • Operational Efficiency and Automated Workflows

We also provide Cyber Threat Assessment for Security

  • Weekly custom-made threat intelligence

  • An appliance is deployed in your network that uses AI to detect cyber threats

  • Device automatically learns what is ‘normal’ for every device, user, and network

  • Analysis of what was found and how

  • Joint commitment where threats are investigated together to determine the likelihood of compromise

We Provide

Network Security

Penetration testing is an excellent planning technique to determine a quantifiable level of security posture. Our penetration testing experts use a variety of sophisticated tools.

Then we will deliver a final report on our findings and help you improve the security issues we found.

Endpoint Security

We will assist you to protect user devices and the data generated to ensure that employees can work properly. We are also committed to the encryption of work data to prevent the leakage of important data from being used maliciously.

    Data Security

    Your Enterprise Data: Available, Scalable, and Protected. Legacy data protection costs time and money while putting your data at risk. You deserve to have confidence in your data across all platforms is fully protected and can be quickly recovered. You will have a platform that will grow and scale with your future needs. We help you protect it.

    We Focus on

    Based on the overall analysis, we hope to help you improve your security and data disaster recovery capabilities.

    • Identify potential security issues in advance

    • Output the network security defense capability

    • Security solutions for business scenarios

    • Dynamic intelligent security solutions

    • Timelines to success

    • Cost Impacts and Improvements

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    7×24 Hours Service Available.


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