The 3rd Gen HCI. Driving Hyperconvergence to Fully Converged

Hyperconverged Infrastructure from Sangfor

Sangfor HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) is the new generation of cloud IT architecture that is built on the innovative 3rd generation, hyper-converged infrastructure platform. By converging compute, storage, networking and security on a single software stack, Sangfor HCI provides a 1-stop software-defined data centre solution which is extremely simplified in architecture, ultimately reliable for business-critical applications and dramatically easy to use in management.

Component of Sangfor HCI

ASV is a virtualization platform with independent intellectual property rights. By pooling hardware resources and managing virtual resources in a unified manner, aSV provides computing, storage, network, disaster recovery and backup services with high performance, high security, and high reliability for user services, and builds a highly available and on-demand virtual data center.

Network virtualization Based on the design concept of software Defined Network (SDN), aNET provides the virtual network environment required by traditional and new applications, and realizes the unified arrangement of network resources. ANet provides complete logical network and security extension capabilities, including virtual switching, routing, firewall, monitoring, and barrier removal capabilities, to improve data center agility, security, and scalability.

    ASAN is a distributed file storage system independently developed by Sangfor. When used together with server virtualization (aSV), it can manage storage resources on virtualization or cloud platforms. Based on aSAN’s unique technologies such as adaptive striping, AI caching algorithm, storage volume splitting, multi-copy mechanism, and active-active cluster design, it provides minimalist, stable, and high-performance storage services to meet the storage requirements of key services in various industries.

    The integration of deep conviction in the security market gene, innovative use of NFV technology will be 7 kinds of security products in the virtualization platform, to provide hundreds of security capabilities for users business and data security escort. ASEC implements unified management, flexible deployment, and flexible scaling of security resources, ensuring the security, reliability, and agility of users’ services.

    Key Capabilities of Sangfor HCI

    Performance optimization design

    Ai-based performance optimization can reduce performance jitter of database and message queue applications in virtualization environments. Distributed storage provides more than 92% of SSD performance and an IOPS of more than 200,000 per node.

    Data security and reliability

    Hyperconvergence Cross-regional data backup using CDP technology, multi-copy (double-copy or triple-copy) technology, VM backup technology, application data backup, and network behavior management technology to ensure reliable data and prevent data loss.

      Global security capability

      The platform, VIRTUAL machine, service, and data are designed to ensure that service applications running on the platform have a complete security protection system and meet security compliance requirements. The system can be linked with the security awareness system to achieve global security visibility.

      Smooth evolution to the cloud

      The new IT infrastructure built with hyper-converged architecture can support smooth evolution to cloud data centers in the future. Existing IT resources and architectures can be easily evolved to private cloud and hybrid cloud mode without adjustment or change.

      Minimal visual operation and maintenance

      The platform has global resource management capabilities. With “What you draw is what you get”, it reduces the time to locate and repair faults. Users can easily master how to use the platform without special training.

      Rich service bearer

      Sangfor HCI not only focuses on the carrying capacity of steady-state applications of traditional key services (SAP, ERP, Oracle, etc.), but also optimizes the carrying capacity of new sensitive applications (GPU, K8S, big data, etc.) to ensure the stability, security and flexibility of business carrying capacity.

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